Insurance Claim, Underpayment or Insurance Claim Denial?

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The Insurance Claims Process - Step 3:

*Make sure to control any stop whatever is causing the damage.

Retain an insurance claim specialist. The most advisable would be a public insurance adjuster. 

For example, Lightman + Fields, Public Insurance Adjusters INC will evaluate your policy, your potential insurance claim and come to your home or business to assess the damage free of charge. 

With proper documentation, hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster to represent your interest can only strengthen your insurance claim. A Public Insurance Adjuster can also provide you with an estimate as to how much the repairs may cost and help you go through your insurance policy coverage, so you know what will and won’t be covered by your insurance policy.

The best time to contact us is before you file your initial insurance claim.  However, we can help at any stage of the insurance claims process. 

Reminder: As the homeowner or commercial insurance policyholder for your homeowners insurance claim or your commercial business insurance claim -  It is very important to follow the rules during your insurance claim as described in your Insurance policy.  Having a Public Insurance Adjuster will help to ensure that you follow the rules to ensure you receive the insurance settlement funds you are entitled to.

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