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Ideally you should call a Public Insurance Adjuster BEFORE you contact your insurance company on a water damage insurance claim. If you have already started your insurance claims - we can still help - but also make sure to follow these steps during your insurance claims process:

  1. Obtain a complete copy of your insurance policy including the named insured(s) and your Insurance policy number
  2. note the name of the insurance company representative that spoke with when reporting your initial insurance claim.
  3. Be sure note the insurance claim number assigned to your water damage insurance claim.
  4. Take business cards and/or contact information from any person you interact with from the insurance company regarding your water damage insurance claim.      
  5. Be extremely careful with the forms you sign!  
  6. Take extensive Photos & Videos of the damages that started the water damage insurance claim.
  7. If in doubt you should call a public insurance adjuster first. 

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Your insurance policy may cover water leaks, plumbing leaks, flood, roof leaks, dishwasher leaks, leaks from burst pipes, broken icemaker lines, air conditioner leaks, and many other situations that can cause water damage to your home or commercial business.. 

we can help. 

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Why Lightman and Fields?


Under-Paid Insurance Claims 

  • If you feel the insurance settlement offer from the insurance company regarding your water damage related claim from a water leak, plumbing leak or any other type of water damage,  you do not have to accept your insurance company's underpayment offer.

  • You do have the right to hire a professional public Insurance Adjuster to assist in maximizing your insurance claim by ensuring you receive the funds you are entitled to.

  • For Immediate Assitance and free insurance claim evaluation:

             Call 1 (800) 446-4496 for immediate assistance

Initial Water Damage Insurance Claim

  • The best time to hire a public insurance adjuster is as soon as possible once the water leak, plumbing leak or any other type of water damage is discovered. Let our experienced public insurance adjusters help with your claim. We are committed to making your insurance claim and insurance settlement process as PAINLESS as possible.

 Denied Water Damage Insurance Claim 

  • Many water damage insurance claims for water leak damage, plumbing leak damage or any other type of water damage claims are wrongfully denied by your insurance company. 
  • You do not have to accept the wrongful insurance claim denial from your insurance company as the final say on your insurance claim.
  • In many insurance claim cases, we can reverse insurance claim denial and help to ensure you get you the insurance claim compensation you deserve. 
  • For immediate assistance, call us for a free insurance claim evaluation 1 (800) 446-4496

Important Notes:

Many types of homeowner’s insurance do not cover floods and that can result in a denied claim, and as a result, there may be strict guidelines on which water insurance claims they do and do not cover. 

It is highly recommended that homeowners buy a separate flood insurance policy, and inquire about additional coverage to existing policies that can cover insurance claims such as water sewer and drainage backups. 

It is also important to make sure you are covered for water damages as a result of a plumbing, heating, and/or air conditioning system malfunctions. We can help you review your insurance policy before to make sure you are covered.

If you discover water damage from a water leak, a plumbing leak, a roof leak,  a dishwasher leak or a water leak from burst pipes, broken icemaker lines, air conditioner leaks, you must stop the water flow immediately upon discovering any of water damage that has occurred. 

Remove any of the pooled water and begin the process of drying out the area to prevent additional damage.

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With over 35 years of experience, we can direct you to the appropriate professionals to help stop the damage and dry out the water damaged area.

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