Do I need to hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Public Insurance Adjuster Insurance claims

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Why Hire A Public Insurance Adjuster?

There is NO initial cost to you.

We offer a free 3 step consultation for insurance policyholders that have a home, business, or commercial business damage.

Whether you are the homeowner, or the Commercial Business Policyholder there is no initial fee or obligation.

If we do not recover insurance claim settlement funds for you - we do not receive a payment.

There is no initial fee charged to you and no obligation for working on your insurance claim.  

When we are successful in negotiating your insurance claim settlement, we charge a fee based on a percentage of the insurance settlement. 

Our 3 step process:

1. Insurance Policy Review - We review your entire policy at no cost.

2. Claim Review - If you haven't filed a and insurance claim, if hired, we will prepare, file and settle your insurance claim for you, the policyholder.

If you have already registered a claim with your insurance company, we will review all communications with your insurance company and, if hired, we will take over the insurance claims process on your behalf and take it all the way to insurance settlement. 

3. Site Inspection on an insurance claim.  When appropriate, we will visit your home or commercial business to evaluate the damage and make our professional recommendations accordingly.


Insurance Policyholders with an insurance claim that hire Public Insurance Adjusters improve their ability to receive the maximum amount of insurance claim funds that they are entitled according their insurance policy. 

For over 35 years, in the vast majority of cases, our clients have received more money than when they navigate the insurance claim policy process on their own. 

For example, according to the Florida Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA), Insurance Policyholders who hired public insurance adjusters for hurricane insurance related claims received over 700% more than those who did not use a  licensed Public Insurance Adjuster.   

Why Should I Hire A Public Insurance Adjuster? 

Many policyholders do not realize that you, the insurance policyholder, are responsible for providing the facts to the insurance company and proving to them why they should pay you on your insurance claim.  

A licensed and bonded public insurance adjuster is licensed by the state to represent only you, the insured policyholder.  

Contractors are not authorized to handle insurance claims.   It is generally against the law, and in most states, this can be considered a felony.   

We use our 35+ years of experience to help ensure that you obtain the insurance claim funds that are rightfully yours.

The average individual or commercial business owner does not have the experience  necessary to ensure that they receive the insurance claim funds they are entitled to per their Insurance policy. In general, homeowner's or commercial business owners do not have the experience or expertise to understand and interpret the language in the insurance policy.

Additionally, they generally do not understand the the Insurance policy language that establishes time limits, established timelines and responsibilities to ensure that they receive the maximum allowable per their insurance policy.  

You need to comply with your insurance policy provisions, or you could lose the money you would are entitled to per your insurance policy. 

The insurance adjusters sent by the insurance company are hired to represent the insurance company, not you, your business, or commercial interest.   

What Fees do Public Adjusters Charge? 

Our fees are based upon a percentage of the insurance settlement paid to you. Our professional Public Insurance Adjusters are trained to protect you, the insurance policyholder.   

What is the Role Of A Licensed Public Adjuster? 

A Public Insurance Adjuster represents you and you alone. We represent only your interest when dealing with your insurance company. 

Our experience will help to ensure that  you receive the maximum amount allowed per your insurance policy.

Our role as a Public Insurance Adjuster is to inspect the damages and prepare a detailed estimate of those damages and then submit them to your insurance company.  

We negotiate with your insurance company on behalf of you,  insurance policyholder, on your insurance claim. We help to secure the insurance settlement funds necessary to repair the damages to your home or commercial business. Our services include residential property and commercial business property.