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We've helped Residential Homeowners, Renters, and Commercial Business clients with their insurance claims since 1985. You can find some more advice regarding 'ALE' Coverage 'D' Below

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We understand how the insurance claims process works and have the experience and knowledge to help you commercial business resolve your insurance claim while helping to ensure that you received the money entitled to you per you insurance policy.

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We will come out to your location to review the damage and determine the insurance damages that need to be reported to the insurance company.


Our daily business is Public Insurance Adjuystance.  You could do the claim yourself, however, our 35+ years of experience will help ensure you receive what you are entitle to. Wewill negotiate with your insurance company to work on getting you the maximum settlement possible. Negotiating is what we do best!

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Once you retain us as your Public Insurance Adjuster, We can help you get back to your business.  We will prepare, file and settle your business insurance claim.


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UnderPaid Insurance Claims 

  • If the settlement offer from the insurance company regarding your commercial insurance damage claim  is too low, you do not have to accept your insurance company's settlement offer. It is also possible to reopen your insurance claim even if you have received your initital check. It is your right to hire a professional  Public Insurance Adjuster to assist you with your commercial business insurance claim. Call us for a free claim evaluation  (800) 446-4496

Initial Insurance Claims 

  • The best time to hire a public adjuster is once you you discover the damage, mitigate the damage. and trecognize that there will be business interruption or a business loss. 

Denied Insurance Claims 

  • Many insurance companies wrongfully deny an insurance claim..You do not have to accept the denial as the final word.   In most scenarios, we can overturn that insurance claim denial and assist you in receiving the commercial business insurance claim funds you deserve according to your insurance policy.

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Important Commercial Business Insurance Notes:

Loss of Use or Business Interruption

When your commercial business has a loss of Business Interruption (“BI”) claims or Commercial business damage loss - It should handled by experienced insurance professionals.  The insurance company adjuster is there to represent the insurance company. With Commercial Business Interruption Insurance the recovery of your lost commercial business lost income during your downtime is what you are insured for with business interruption insurance. 

The simple formula to determine if you have a business interruption loss when covered with business interruption insurance:

Net Income + Continuing Expenses + Extra / Additional Expenses = Business Interruption Insurance Loss Claim.

It is essential to have a professional public Insurance Adjuster reviews all aspects of the business interruption insurance claim. 

Our experienced team of Public Insurance Adjusters will evaluate all aspects of your business that are covered in your Business Insurance Interruption claim.


Employee, Company taxes, Rent,  Utility Costs, and  several other aspects that could get missed in your business interruption Insurance claim.

With 35 years of experience, Lightman + Fields, works  only for you to to ensure you receive what you are entitled to for your Businessterruption insurance claim. 

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