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Insurance claims for Fire Damage benefit from the guidance of a licensed, Insured and Bonded Public Adjuster.  No upfront cost. Time and time again we have gotten our clients more money.  While nothing is guaranteed. we usually get more for our clients which covers the cost.

If you have fire damage and a fire damage insurance claim, call us as we can assist immediately.  (561) 515-0030 We answer our calls 24/7. With over 35 years of experience we can direct you to the appropriate professionals to help mitigate the damage and begin the recovery process.


Fire Damage

Fire damage claims range in size and damage.  When you experience a fire damage claim it is best to consult a professional who can help.  These services come at no upfront cost to you. Not only do fires create deadly fumes and smoke damage it is also not uncommon for a fire to restart.  If you have a fire-related emergency, call us now at (561) 515-0030

Fire Damage Tips

Fire can be extremely dangerous even in small amounts especially if the aftereffect is not immediately apparent. Fire damage restoration is almost always necessary. Our 35 years of experience can help guide you to the right professionals.
Consult a fire marshal to make sure it is safe to re-enter after fire damage.
Immediately following the fire, call a smoke and fire damage restoration specialist to help assess the damage in the home and begin the cleanup process.  
Remember: Unless a fire marshal approves it - DO NOT enter your fire damaged property!

Fire Damage Restoration Clean Up Tips:

  • Open all windows and doors to ventilate and help get the smoke out as much as possible.
  • Cover any clean, unaffected pieces of furniture up with plastic to make sure they are not damaged in the cleanup process.
  • Do not try to clean anything yourself. The soot and smoke that has set into the furniture and carpet can be dangerous.
  • Don’t plug in any electronics. Call an electrician to inspect for any electrical damage from the fire.
  • Throw out any open of possibly exposed foods that make have been contaminated from the fire.

Related Damages

  • Business Interruption
  • Smoke Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Common causes of fire damage claims in Florida

  • Frayed Wires
  • Kitchen Fire (unattended pots, oil fires, flammable materials, or fabrics)
  • Power Surges
  • Strained Outlets
  • Electrical Fire
  • Chemical Fire
  • Lightning causes fire damage


We can re-open your old claims or file supplemental damage claims. For a free insurance claim review - Call (561) 515-0030. For the best results we can schedule a no cost and no obligation visit to inspect your damage.

Ideally you should call a Florida Public Adjuster BEFORE you contact your insurance company on a an insurance claim for damages from plumbing leaks, flood, water leaks, or general water damage claim. 

If you have already started the claims process make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a complete copy of your insurance policy including the named insured and your policy number
  2. note the name of the person you reported your insurance claim to
  3. note the claim number assigned to your case.
  4. Take business cards from everyone you interact with from the insurance company.      
  5. Be extremely careful with the forms you sign!  
  6. Take Photos & Videos of your damages!!
  7. If in doubt you should call a public adjuster first.

Your insurance policy may cover water leaks, plumbing leaks, flood, roof leaks, dishwasher leaks, leaks from burst pipes, broken ice maker lines, air conditioner leaks, and many others accidents that cause water damage. 

we can help. 

Speak with a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Public Adjuster now (561) 515-0030




UnderPaid Claims 

  • If you feel you feel the settlement offer from the insurance company regarding your water damage claim from a water leak, plumbing leak or any other type of water or fire damage. You do not have to accept your insurance company underpayment.  You have the right to hire a professional to assist in maximizing your insurance claim  maximize your financial recovery.  Call us for a free claim evaluation  (561) 515-0030

 Initial Claims 

  • The best time to hire a public adjuster is as soon as possible once the  water leak, plumbing leak or any other type of water damage is experienced. Let our experienced public adjusters navigate the claim. We are committed to making your settlement process as P A I N L E S S as possible.

 Denied Claims 

  • Many insurance claims for water leak damage, plumbing leak damage or any other type of water damage claims are wrongfully denied by the insurance company. You do not have to accept the wrongful denial as the final word. In most cases, we can turn that denial around and get you the insurance claim compensation you deserve.

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