Insurance Claim Delays

Having problems with your insurance company?

If you are having problems with your insurance company, or if difficult to handle all the details, you can hire Lightman + Fields Public Insurance Adjusters INC as your person representative and Public Insurance Adjuster. to negotiate with your insurance company.   


We work on a “contingency” (percentage) fee basis and with your confidence we will take over your insurance claim on your behalf and negotiate an insurance settlement on your behalf.  

We will represent you in documenting and negotiating your insurance claim all the way to Settlement.   

As a public insurance adjuster we only work for YOU, the policyholder, NOT the insurance company. 


Staff insurance adjusters or 'independent' insurance Adjusters work ONLY for the Insurance company. Independent Insurance Adjusters work on a contract basis and staff insurance adjusters work directly for the insurance company. 

Since they are hired and paid by the insurance company and only report to the insurance company, they represent the Insurance company's best interests on an insurance claim. THEY DO NOT REPRESENT YOU - The Homeowner or Commercial Business policyholder.

Again: Staff and Independent insurance claims adjusters are assigned by your insurance company to work on your insurance claim, BUT as the insurance company’s representative. They DO NOT represent you.

As with all professional industries, you need to check our references carefully. 

We trust that you will hire us based on the fact that we have helped thousands of clients since 1985. Additionally. our 35 plus years of experience will help ensure that you receive what you are entitled to according to your insurance claim and your insurance policy.

If you want to avoid delays - hire a professional public insurance adjuster.  Even if it is not Lightman + Fields Public Insurance Adjusters INC, be sure to ensure you get the insurance claim settlement you deserve by hiring a public insurance adjuster, not what staff or an independent adjuster determines you deserve.