Insurance Claim, Underpayment or Insurance Claim Denial?

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The Insurance Claims Process:

1. Contact an experienced Public Insurance Adjuster.

2. Make sure to mitigate and control any damage that may have occurred. Although you don’t want to fix anything before an insurance adjuster comes out to investigate the damage - it is your obligation to do what you to mitigate the damage.

2a. It is very important to document anything that happened with pictures and/or take video if possible.  BEFORE you touch anything. 

This will serve as important evidence to support your insurance claim.

3. Retain an insurance claim specialist. The most advisable would be a public insurance adjuster. For example, Lightman + Fields, Public Insurance Adjusters INC will evaluate your policy, your potential insurance claim and come to your home or business to assess the damage free of charge. 

With proper documentation, hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster to represent your interest can only strengthen your insurance claim. A public insurance adjuster can also provide you with an estimate as to how much the repairs may cost and help you go through your insurance coverage, so you know what will and won’t be covered by your insurance policy.

4. Now you are finally ready to file your insurance claim. With the advice and guidance of a professional Public Insurance Adjuster and once your insured damage is assessed - you can contact your insurance company with all of the information already collected. This process will help speed up the process for your insurance claim settlement.  

5. The fifth step requires patience. It usually is the most challenging part as the insurance company will take the time they need to assess your Insurance claim and insurance damage. 

After their inspection is complete, the final step in the insurance claims process is receiving your initial insurance payment or having your insurance claim denied. 

If your claim is denied, the process is not necessarily over as a public insurance adjuster can attempt to overturn the denial by using their field experience and attention to detail.

 This is the step where you would receive a denial letter explaining why the insurance company refuses to cover the damages to your home or commercial business insurance claim.

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