Denied Insurance Claim

Has your insurance company denied your claim?

Here is how we at Lightman + Fields Public Insurance Adjusters INC can help you.

1. We take over the process on your behalf and find out the underlying reason as to why your insurance claim was denied. 

Before we can fight a denied claim, we review your homeowner or Commercial business insurance policy, your claim history and the communication sent to you by your insurance company.  This will start the process to understand why your initial insurance claim was denied. As your personal public insurance adjuster and insurance claims advocate, we will contact the insurance company for a full explanation and begin the negotiation process if possible.

2. We gather your evidence and information on the history of your homeowner or commercial business insurance claim.

We make sure to gather all the evidence and  any relevant information necessary to illustrate why your claim should be re-opened and ensure that we use our 35+ years of experience to maximize your chances of getting approved the second time around.

3. We organize  and maintain your insurance claim file and we remain persistent and vigilant on your homeowner or commercial business insurance claim.

Sometimes the difference is in the details on your insurance claim and it may be a single detail maymake the difference on your insurance claim. We keep a completed file and document all communications with the insurance company. We coordinate our communications process with the insurance company in order to ensure there are no unnecessary delays.

4. Take it to the next level

If your insurance claim is denied a second time, we can pursue the process further through legal remedies. Our Public Insurance Adjusters have the experience to evaluate the merit of the insurance claim and the insurance claim denial and we ensure that we exhaust every possible option on your behalf.

5. Speed things up

Avoid delays and confusion and hire Lightman + Fields Public Insurance adjusters INC for your insurance damage claim. Call 1 (800) 446-4496 for immediate assitance.

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