Insurance Claims for Mold Damage


We've helped Residential Homeowners, Renters, and Commercial Business clients with their insurance claims regarding mold damage since 1985. You can find some more advice regarding mold below.


Mold can be very hazardous. Use extreme caution. ESPECIALLY WITH BLACK MOLD.

If your mold issue is not taken care of quickly it, can quickly lead to cause major and significant health problems AND lead to insurance claim problems. 

Mold can result from a water leak, a leaky pipe or, even a roof leak where visible water stains are present in your home. In general, mold is hidden within your walls, your ceiling, your attic an,d even underneath your cabinets. 

We work with many mold remediation companies that do not charge our clients directly for their mold remediation services.  

Mold claims can be very complicated, especially when Fungi is identified.  

As your designated Public Insurance Adjuster we will use our technical process to assess your mold damage to  ensure that we can esure your receive what you are entitled to in your insurance claim settlement.  

You deserve the insurance compensation you are entitled to. 

Have you already filed your claim and has your insurance company has already told you that your claim is denied or closed?  

In most cases,  we can re-open underpaid or denied insurance claims.


It is highly recommended that you remove any mold without delay.  If you delay, you can face mold growth that can produce allergens and irritants. 

There are serious health issues that  can result from Inhaling or even touching mold spores. Quickly remove all identified mold from your home as soon as possible. 

It is very important for your health.  


Why Lightman and Fields?


Underpaid Insurance Claims 

  • If you feel you feel the insurance company is delaying or attempting to underpay your insurance claim regarding your insurance property damage  from mold is unacceptable,  you do not have to accept the offer. 

  • It is also possible to reopen the claim even if you have cashed your initial check. It is in your right to hire a professional to assist you with your insurance claim. Call us for a free claim evaluation  1 (800) 446-4496

Initial Insurance Claims 

  • The absolute best time to hire a public insurance adjuster is once you you discover and stop the damage from the discovery of mold. A water leak, plumbing leak or any other type of water damage needs to be reported and stopped as soon as it is discovered.  We recommend calling a Public Insurance Adjuster before calling your insurance company to open an insurance claim.

Denied Insurance Claims 

  • Many insurance claims for mold are wrongfully denied by the insurance company. You do not have to accept denial final. In our experience, we have been able to overcome the denial with addition evidence and documentation. Our 35 plus years of experience will help ensure that you receive the insurance claim compensation you deserve according to your insurance policy.

Call us for a free claim evaluation call now (800) 446-4496

Important Notes:

Many types of homeowner’s insurance have strict guidelines on which water damage, water leak and mold claim that they will and will not cover.


Homeowner's and commercial business property owners in the southern states experience warm and humid conditions that are incredibly susceptible to mold damage. The tropical and humid environment is an ideal area for mold growth.

How does mold grow?

Mold thrives in tropical environments and from excess water damage.  That can come from a water leak, plumbing leak ,or even a roof leak,which all cause damage that may be covered under your insurance policy and insurance claim.  The mold must also have a food source such as carpeting, mattresses, drywall, and other similar items.

Filing a Mold Damage Claim

If you discover any type of mold damage in your home , then you may need to file a claim with your insurance company through your homeowner's insurance policy. 

Although this may be your first instinct, it’s far better to contact a public insurance adjuster first. Unlike an insurance adjuster that represents only the insurance company, a public insurance adjuster works only on your behalf. We represent only you, the policy holder. 

This will help to ensure you receive an insurance settlement that is not only fair but also properly covers the cost to replace damages.

By calling Lightman & Fields before calling your insurance provider, you will have a representative in your corner. 

The benefits of a public insurance adjuster include:

  • Comprehensive support and representation from the initial claim all the way to your Insurance claim settlement.
  • Access to the latest software, expertise, and equipment.
  • Professional, Accurate and Expert property loss appraisals.
  • Experienced, licensed, and bonded professionals are now on your side/

While it is certainly your choice, we advise that you do not navigate the insurance claims process on your own.  

Additionally, it is recommended that the homeowner buys a separate flood insurance policy. 

If you notice water damage from any type of water leak, you must stop the water flow as immediately as possible.  

Dry out any pooled water and begin the process of beginning of drying out the area to prevent additional damage.  Call us as we can assist immediately.  (1 (800) 446-4496.

We answer our calls 24/7 365 Days a Year. 

With over 35 years of experience we know the right professionals that can help you stop the damage and dry out the area as soon as possible.

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